Everything about Mrs World 2022

Everything about Mrs World 2022

By : Ash 19-12-2022

Sargam kaushal of India has won the title of Mrs World 2022  

This comes after a gap of 21 years, a contestant from India has won the title Of Mrs World

For your information, Mrs World Pageant Contest was held on Sunday, 18th of December at a grand show held at Las Vegas

To know more, Sargam Kaushal is currently based in Mumbai 

Originally, Sargam Kaushal belongs to the former state of Jammu and Kashmir

Married in the  year 2018, Sargam Kaushal's Husband is serving in the Indian Navy

About her education, Sargam Kaushal holds a Masters Degree in English Literature

Earlier in June this year (2022), Sargam kaushal has won the Title of Mrs India World