Tax Tobacco save lives : Tobacco free India

“Tax tobacco save lives, tobacco free India”, Yes, these are the slogans that should be in the hearts and mouth of every Indian youth as India, the largest democracy in the world, moves ahead into development and grow in all aspects to become a global leader.

Tobacco and other such addictions are a menace in the overall health conditions of the society. As we know the number of deaths that happens in India due to tobacco and its long term consequences. Tobacco is the main reason for cancers among the youths. It is rightly said that tobacco gives you a painful death.

Tobacco industry is worth crores in India. And its consumption is also very high among the youths in the country. This is having serious long term health affects. Thus, in many ways it is responsible for the loss of the nation as a whole.

Youths are a treasure in nation building, aren’t they? So when the youths of a nation are not in good health, the entire nation is not either.

Tax Tobacco Save Lives

In India the government implements taxes on each and every commodity of mass consumption. Yes, the rate of taxes varies from how essential the items are and whether the items are for common use or are luxury items. Some are highly taxed and some low.

For example taxes in petroleum products are also very high as prices of petrol and diesel sored high in the past one year till date. It is very much justified that these taxes money are used in nation building and are the reason how developmental initiatives are carried out in the country.

Why not “tax tobacco save lives”? why not a tobacco free India?

The products that we already know are life threatening, why not the government imposes high taxes on them, if not totally ban then. Does the Government of India wants its youths to die an unproductive, untimely death? No? Then this matter needs to be dealt with immediately.

If the taxes on tobacco products are extremely high, the demand will be less due to high cost of consumption. In this way consumption will become less. Many will infact, stop consuming it, because if there are not enough money for buying it, it will be dropped. Thus heavy taxation on tobacco is the need of the hour, as the people are getting engrosed in addiction.

This can be a first step towards a tobacco free India. If not completely tobacco free but still the percentage of people consuming it will become fairly less.

What do you say? Won’t this initiative be good enough for a healthy India?

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Tobacco free India

Imagine how beautiful India can be when tobacco free India is achieved. Heath being one of the main factors, but other then that there are many other facts where India can be great again without tobacco.

Yes the country can be much more beautiful with red marks of tobacco stains wherever you look into. This have been showcased and by many influencers through their videos how people of India themselves have dirtied their own country.

Even historical places have not been spared from this menace. And about public places, it is just disheartening.

But why? Why are the people dirtying their own country? This question should arise in the mind of one and all if you truly love your country.

It is a very big fight. But it is not an impossible fight. “Tobacco free India”

To Conclude

A step taken by the government in the right time can work wonders for the future that lays in the hands of the youths. Youths of the country should be away from the menace of addictions and tobacco, which has heavy influences in the society of today.

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