Rs 2000 Challan, New Traffic Rule In India Know The new traffic rule before you take your two wheeler into the city

Yes you have read it right, some new traffic rule are updated and careless riders are going to suffer by paying challan through their pockets. These days everyone rides a two wheeler, but now the next time before you take your bike out into the town, make sure that you are aware of this new traffic rule for two wheeler riders in India.

By knowing these rules you can be safe of unnecessary trouble and monetary loss in the form of Challan payments. These Challans are not of Rs 100. But this Challan is of big amount. So it is safe to be aware of the rules.

So, what are the new rules for two wheeler riders in the motor vehicles act. Now even if you are wearing a helmet you still may have to pay the fine. But how it is possible? We will explain to you about it as you read further down in this article.

New Traffic Rule : Rs 1000 Challan For Not Wearing Helmet Strip

Yes, even when you are wearing a helmet but the fastening strip of the helmet is open and not locked then according to the motor vehicles act you will be imposed upon a fine of 1000 rupees. There will be no escape as this is part of the new rule now.

So, next time when you ride a two wheeler, be a responsible rider and fasten the strip of your helmet because this feature is for your safety. Also, by fastening the strip you can save your hard earned money of Rs 1000. if you do not do it then you will receive a Challan instantly or online.

New Traffic Rule : Rs 1000 Challan For Wearing A Defective Or Non BIS Helmet

According to the New Traffic Rule, if you are wearing a helmet that is not standard or is defective even in this case there are chances that you may receive a Challan of Rs 1000 in your name.

These rules are for the safety of the citizen. Therefore, Challan is not important, but the government wants its citizens to be safe when you ride a bike or a scooter. Accidents do not come by sending notice in advance. So in time of emergency, proper use of helmet can save your life.

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Rs 20,000 challan for overloading

The New traffic rule according to the motor vehicles act also can impose a penalty of a huge amount of Rs 20,000 if your vehicle is overloaded.

Maximum cases of accidents happens in highways due to overloading. By overloading, you are not only compromising the safety of yourself but also the safety of others. Because you are not alone on the road.

Mistakes as such can take the your life and also put in danger the life of others on the road. That is why these rules will be followed strictly by the governments, RTO and also by traffic.

These were some of the rules that you need to be aware of immediately if you drive on highways or ride two wheeler in the city. If you follow these rules properly your life can be saved and also you can save Challan money, whose invoice may be sent to you if you break the rule.

Our Verdict To Conclude

Traffic rules should not be taken as a burden by the commuters. Because these New Traffic Rule are made so that the citizens who use the roads daily can be safe. If there are no rules you can imagine what the situation would be, because in India even after having rules there are so many deaths on the roads daily.

Therefore, be a responsible citizen and follow traffic rules.

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