Rs 19 Lakhs for this train ticket in India

Amazed? Why you shouldn’t be also. Yes, you read it right. It can cost you Rs 19 Lakhs for this train tickets in India. At some point of life, we have all traveled by train in India. Few among us travel daily. Is it not out of our imagination if a train travel would cost us a staggering 19 Lakhs in India, as we all know 19 Lakhs even in the year 2022 is a big amount for an average Indian.

In India, railways provide the cheapest means of transportation. Trains are the lifeline of the common people o India even today. Millions of people in India use trains per day for their daily commute. But here let us introduce a train that can cost you upto 19 Lakhs for its Tickets, it is the Maharajas’ Express.

The name itself means a King, or of the kings or maybe even for the kings. So now we all know that this is nowhere near the trains that we commute daily. This is a Luxury train. According to blogger, that cost for travel in this can exceed 19 Lakhs rupees.

For a common man in India, this train is almost unaffordable as such a big amount of money can get a lot in changing the life of a common Indian. Its interesting how common Indians have reacted to this train which we will cover up later as you proceed reading through this article.

The Rs 19 lakhs Maharajas’ express

Maharajas’ express is a luxury train in India and it in itself is one of its kind and rare in India. It has bedrooms, sitting rooms, attached bathrooms and dining rooms and everything you would need to feel luxury, comfort and richness. Also it has got an Indian heritage and traditional touch to it. In short it will make you feel what an Indian luxury stay feels like.

It also provides four other tours :

  1. The Indian panorama
  2. The Indian Treasures
  3. The Indian Splendor
  4. The Heritage Of India

The common Indian train

The Common Indian train commute is again one of its kind. Firstly, a big crowd and secondly the hustle and the noise that it brings along. With these features it is never really an Indian train travel. It would be fair to say that if you want to get the feel of real India, then travel India in train as a common Indian. This experience can’t be felt in any other parts of the world.

The halts, the people, the snacks that you get to buy and eat in your entire journey is unmatched. This is how a common Indian normally commutes in entire lifetime.

Is the Rs 19 Lakhs train journey worth it

This can be better understood by the comments made by common India about the cost of the train journey about a video that surfaced online recently about the Maharajas’ Express.

Decoding it in our words let us see what common Indian has to say about it.

One says, he wants to see the person who spends on such things.

Another says, instead of spending 19 Lakhs in it you can prefer a flight and the rest spend on a 7 star property.

According to another one, he would rather invest the money in a property then spending it on this train.

These are a few examples of what a common Indian feels as to how much its worth to spend Rs 19 Lakhs on train ticket in India.

Now its for you to decide. Is it worth?

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To conclude

Spending 19 lakhs on a train journey is not really for an average Indian. But since the cost is 19 Lakhs, thus the feel you would get, we expect, will also be worth Rs 19 Lakhs.

The pricy train wouldn’t be just out of nowhere. The train will definitely have its own justifications for being costly. Can you afford it? If you can, try it.

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