Powerball Winner California : $2.04 Billion World Record : Biggest Lottery Winner ever revealed

The biggest lottery winner ever has been revealed – Powerball Winner California. The lottery officials of California has revealed the winner, Edwin Castro, of the record win of $2.04 Billion from the November drawing of Powerball.

This is the largest price ever won in the U.S. Lottery History. If you are looking to get all details about the winner you will put yourself into a long self made queue to get your answers, you know, the laws of California.

What do you know about Powerball Winner California

Well as of now all we know is the name which has been revealed. Apart from that there are hardly any details. And yes, the winner was from California and that the win was from the November drawing of Powerball.

Biggest Lottery Win Ever

This is the largest price ever won in the U.S. Lottery History. The win of $2.04 Billion, makes Edwin Castro into the records of U.S. lottery.

Where was the Powerball Winner from

The Powerball Winner, as revealed by the lottery officials belonged to the State of California.

Two Words Edwin Castro Had To Say After The Winner Reveal

According to reports, Edwin Castro rejected speaking to media or reporters. He had a written statement of rather overwhelming two words which he sent to the officials.

The statement read – ” Shocked And Ecstatic “

How much money will $2.04 Billion Powerball Winner actually get?

According to officials, Mr Castro has chosen the lump sum option and not the annuity payment option. By choosing the lump sum option Castro gets an amount of about $997.6 M. ( This is without deduction of taxes).

According to USA Today, they have estimated that the winner of the Jackpot will receive $628.5 M. after deduction of taxes. ( assuming there are no other deductions ).

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Top 10 Highest Lottery Prizes Won In US History

Table showing list of Top 10 highest lottery Prizes won in US History :

Place WonLotteryDate WonPrize Amount
CaliforniaPowerball7 Nov 2022$2.04 Billion
California, Florida and TennesseePowerball13 Jan 2016$1.586 Billion
South CarolinaMega Millions23 Oct 2018$1.537 Billion
MaineMega Millions13 Jan 2023$1.348 Billion
IllinoisMega Millions29 July 2022$1.337 Billion
MichiganMega Millions22 Jan 2021$1.05 Billion
WisconsinPowerball27 March 2019$768.4 Million
MassachusettsPowerball23 Aug 2017$758.7 Million
WashingtonPowerball6 Feb 2023$754.6 Million
MarylandPowerball20 Jan 2021$730 Milliion

Facts And Questions

What is the highest record lottery prize won in US history?

The Record highest lottery prize won in US History is $2.04 Billion by.

Where was the highest record lottery prize won?

It was won with Powerball Jackpot in California.

What is Powerball?

Powerball is an American Multi-State lottery game.

To Conclude

Winning something like a Powerball Jackpot can definitely be life changing moment in life. Many may be facinated to play the lottery, but what are the actual chances of winning Powerball? The odds are 250,000,000 to 1 as the game is designed to generate big prizes by drawing more players. So, good luck.

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