North Bengal Tourist Spot

North Bengal is a paradise for numerous tourist spots and destinations. Today we will let you know a few of the North Bengal Tourist Spot covering the Dooars areas of North Bengal, in our understanding are must visit places whether you are from West Bengal or any other state of India or even abroad.

North Bengal Tourist Spot

North Bengal got everything that is marked on a tourist’s checklist. Specially our area of coverage in this article, The Dooars Section – It is heavenly beautiful.

Dooars is all about nature and natural beauty. It is a blessed place with dense forest, eye catching tea gardens, and scenic rivers like Teesta, Torsha, Jaldhaka etc. In short, it is a dream destination for nature lovers.

For further insights, Dooars is divided into two parts :

  • Eastern Dooars
  • Western Dooars

The Eastern Dooars is referred to as the Assam Dooars, and the Western Dooars is referred to as the Dooars of Bengal. This division of the Dooars is demarcated by the presence of the Sankosh River in between.

North Bengal Tourist Spot In Dooars

Here is our pick for the bests among the many North Bengal Tourist Spot in the beautiful Dooars of Bengal.

The Great Buxa Tiger Reserve

Looking for a must visit place? Here is the one for you – Buxa Tiger Reserve. This place is approximately 10 kilometers away from the North Bengal town of Alipurduar. It is a habitat of many wild animals like Tiger, Leopard, Elephant and also many are exquisite wildlife.

The Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

This is another North Bengal Tourist Spot which deserves a visit. Get yourself mesmerized by the beauty of the wild. Relish your much needed break form the hussle of city life. This is Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary for you.

The Gorumara National Park

Yet another attractive place to visit for you is the Gorumara National Park. It is a natural habitat of Elephants, Bisons etc. Here you can enjoy a jungle safari either on a jeep or a much adventurous Elephant Safari. What is your pick?

The Jaldapara National Park

This is yet another destination in our never ending and hard to pick list of North Bengal Tourist Spot. Even in this location you get the option to go for a safari ride.


Bindu is a place which can mesmerize with the beautiful views of the Hills of the Kingdom of Bhutan on its back. Also here you get to witness a dazzling dam site built of the scenic Jaldhaka river.


Samsing holds within itself some daunting hills and not forgetting the beautiful green tea gardens often considered as an offbeat tourist spot of Dooars.

The Rocky Islands

This location is no lesser in beauty then all the above, which is located on the mesmerizing river banks of the Murti river.

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Murti Riverbanks

This riverbank is the pride of Dooars, it is nature in its glorious form. Here you can be lucky with your photography to capture the wildlife quenching its thirst at the dawn in the crystal clear Murti river.

Video Showcasing Murti And Its Adjoining Areas

Dooars, Murti – YouTube/WBTourism


What is Dooars?

The Dooars is the section of landmass area of alluvial floodplains and the outer foothills of the mighty Himalayas stretched as well as divided into two parts in Assam and Bengal.

When is Dooars the most beautiful?

Dooars is in its heavely form during the monsoon.

What is Dooars?

Dooars of Bengal is located in the Northern part of Bengal stretching itself up to the hills of adjoining Bhutan, The Himalayas and the adjacent plains of Assam. Dooars is an important North Bengal Tourist Spot.

To Conclude

Here we have brought for you today a few selected North Bengal Tourist Spot, even though there are numerous other beautiful locations, which can be your main pick as well, when you get yourself ready for Dooars Tour of beautiful North Bengal.

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