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Google has always had a trend of bringing in and out its homemade apps which all android phone users use to gain access to its services. Google is known for making drastic changes to its apps, like rebranding them totally and sometimes even drop them down. Reasons for doing so, has very little explanations often.

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Google’s new updated app

Are you surprised if we say that Google got a new app? Yes? / No?

Probably its more reasonable for you to not be surprised at all. The latest of all Google app update is that : Google Wallet has returned. It can store all your cards and also information.

Questions coming up to your mind?

Now you would question as to whether isn’t Google Pay already a thing available to us? Doesn’t Google Pay already does the same thing for our use?

The answer is, yes it does. It is a fact that when Google Pay app was launched, it actually replaced the older version of Google Wallet and Android Pay on android mobile phones available through the Google Play Store. But Google, at its Input/Output annual developer conference (Innovation In The Open) held in May, announced that it was bringing back its Google Wallet with some features which are not included in its Google Pay.

What are the differences?

The main differences on focus are that Google Pay can store your Credit/Debit cards informations and link bank accounts to the app for transactions. It can also hold airline boarding passes, any kind of monthly bill payment informations and reminders, proof of vaccninations cards etc. The new Google Wallet can also do all of those things, plus store your driver’s liscence. It can also unlock your car, if suppose you drive a vehicle that supports digital keys smart features.

How will the update effect Google Pay Users?

The Google Pay app on your phone will be replaced by the Google Wallet app soon in whichever country it is applicable by rolling out updates for android users. All your payment informations and other stuffs you have stored in Google Pay will show up in Google Wallet.

For most countries, these new features, will just be added as an update to the existing Google Pay app. But if you are in the US or Singapore, Wallet and Pay will be two seperate apps working simultaneously. According to XDA Developers, India too will continue to use the Google Pay app as it is, as of now.

Now, if we try to understand what Google Wallet is, the Google wallet is more like a way or storing or keeping valueable informations safely like Id’s, boarding passes, transit cards, loyality cards, hotel keys, etc., stored in one place.

It should be mentioned that it can also support a number of other items as well. Moreover it can support and hold vaccine cards now too. This is an important update made over after the occurence of the corona virus pandemic of 2020.

Security measures

The most important thing here is that the users of the new Google Wallet will have their data stored and transmitted with encryption as such important informations need to be protected. Google has also protected the Google Wallet with android security features like password protection and face recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

What is Google Wallet?

It is same as Google Pay with added features.

Will Google Wallet replace Google pay globally?


Which countries will have separate Google Wallet and Google Pay apps?

US, Singapore, India etc.

To conclude

It is defenitely very much confusing to keep track and hands over constantly changing apps. But a Digital Wallet over an Analog Wallet is a much better idea. Digital wallets keeps everything secure, organised and most importantly encrypt all your purchases, therefore Google Wallet will be providing more security then a pack of credit cards slipped in a leather wallet placed inside your pockets.

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