Munthum Valley : An incredible offbeat place in North Bengal

Munthum Valley is a very beautiful offbeat tourist destination in Kalimpong district, In the Northern part of the State of West Bengal.

The place itself being so picturistic, and lays within the heart of nature. The climate, the scenic beauty and the peaceful environment makes it a very important and recommended offbeat tourist destination and hence it finds a place to be discussed upon in our Incredible West Bengal category.

Let us see what Munthum Valley is and what are its key highlights as we proceed further in this article.

What is Munthum Valley?

Munthum Valley is a tourist destination or most popularly an offbeat tourist place located in Kalimpong, North Bengal. The valley or the Munthum Village offers you everything that you need for an amazing peaceful break in life.

Here you can do sightseeing, stargazing, hiking, nature photography etc. This destination offers very beautiful and cozy home stays.

You can spent a cold chilly evening around some warm bonfire, and relish the aroma of fresh barbaques and relish its taste in an authentic dinner which is a mixture of local delicacies and modern delicacies as well.

It is a kind of destination where you can enjoy with your family, a memorable vacation, away from the hustles of cities and traffic and pollution. We do not know what is your taste regarding an offbeat destination, preferences may vary.

But this destination will definitely provide you with Peace, at least this is guaranteed. Therefore whenever you get an opportunity do not miss out to visit this place which also has the best hospitable and friendly local populace.

Along with all the above, if you visit this incredible place in a proper season, i,e. during the months of October to March, you can also get a spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga mountain peak and the adjoining peaks of the mighty Himalayas.

Now if you decided to visit the place you maybe wondering as to how you can reach the place. Below we are providing you with information’s and simple insights about how you can reach your destination.

Munthum Valley
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How to reach Munthum Valley?

Whether you are from West Bengal or you want to visit from outside the state, first and foremost of all you have to first reach Siliguri, for example : If you visit via train, you can reach Siliguri by getting down as NJP ( New Jalpaiguri ) train station.

Once you are in Siliguri, there are options that you can directly reserve a car and reach Munthum. Else you can also go to Kalimpong by share taxis, which is easily available from NJP station as well as Siliguri.

From Kalimpong, Munthum valley is just a few kilometers away. So this can also be an option if you wish to stay for a day in Kalimpong and then visit the beautiful Munthum Valley.

It should also be noted that Kalimpong town in itself is a beautiful hill how of North Bengal, so it is definitely worth staying and exploring further.

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When should you visit Munthum Valley?

In the hills and mountainous regions the best time to visit is the time when the monsoon ends, else these places receives heavy rainfall and are landslide prone during monsoon. But there is nothing such that it is any lesser beautiful in summers.

But the safest recommendation is that this place should be visited during the months of October to March where the weather is pleasant and the sky is clear for sight seeings and the rainfall is not a hindrance.

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A few distance information’s as per Google Maps

As per Google maps Munthum is :

  1. 80 kms away from Siliguri City
  2. 85 kms away from NJP train station and
  3. Almost 90 kms away from Bagdogra, the Airport of Siliguri.

Pre-booking your stays

Stays in Munthum, for example at Munthum Homestay or Munthum Village Homestay can be booked online easily. Therefore it is always recommended to pre-book your stays for a hassle free stay at this beautiful destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Munthum Valley?

Munthum Valley is located in Kalimpong, a district in the Northern part of West Bengal.

What is Munthum Valley?

Munthum Valley is a tourist destination or most popularly an offbeat tourist place located in Kalimpong, North Bengal. The valley or the Munthum Village offers you everything that you need for an amazing peaceful break in life.

What is the distance of Munthum Valley from Siliguri?

Munthum Valley is 80 kilometers away from the City of Siliguri.

Can we get a view of Kanchenjunga from Munthum?

Yes. If the sky is clear in the month of October-November Kanchenjunga peak is very much visible from Munthum Valley view points.

To conclude

Munthum valley ( Kalimpong ) is no doubt an important and famous offbeat toursit place. The real beauty of the place can only be felt and lived if you actually visit and stay in this amazing location.

Through this article we have tried to provide you information about a place which is truly beautiful and is worth giving a visit.

Hills are always beautiful, but when we visit such places it is our duty to make sure that we preserve the beauty and keep the place as natural and clean as it is. This should be your first priority as a tourist, when you visit this amazing beauty of nature.

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