Mariner Finance : What new you need to know about it

Mariner Finance which is based at Baltimore, one of the most populous cities of US State of Maryland, was founded in the year 2002. This finance company provides customers with various schemes and services based on the needs of an individual.

What is Positive about Mariner Finance?

If an individual is not sure about his/her plan that the individual has undertaken there is a 15 days customer satisfaction guarantee, which provides peace of mind to the person regarding any kind of loss. Thus if an individual changes his or her mind within the first 15 days, he/she can repay the entire balance and cancel the plan without any penalty. In doing so the person will also be refunded with any charges he/she may have incurred.

Mariner Finance
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The Process in which loans are in a limited range

In such cases an in person application is required. In order to get the process be completed a person has to physically visit any of the branches of Mariner Finance and complete the application process. This can be considered as a burden or hurdle for those individual who has a busy schedule in life and would have rather preferred to complete every process online.

Other positives of Mariner Finance includes

The company allows co signers for personal loans. This can include both family and non family members. It may also be noted that a co signer with a good credit can prove beneficial in terms of getting a good interest rates. However it doesn’t always require a good credit for the approval, even though an individual has been financially unstable in the past yet he/she can consider applying for the same. But any approval is subject to the company’s underwriting process.

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Process of applying for a Mariner Finance services

Mariner Finance provides flexible options with regard to applying for its services. It can be done online, by phone and also by visiting any of its branches. The application process begins with ‘check my offers’ on the Mariner Finance website. When the loan selection and filling up of personal details is done, a soft credit check will be done by Mariner Finance to show on what the person prequalify for.

If a preferred offer is received the person can take it and there provide his/her consent to a hard credit inquiry. Supporting documents such as id’s, prove of address etc has to be provided. Mariner Finance either transfers the fund to the individual’s bank of issues a cheque which can be collected at the local branch.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What loans does Mariner Finance provide?

It is flexible with services like personal, auto etc

Where is Mariner Finance based at?

It is bases at Baltimore, in the US state of Maryland.

What is one of the positive aspect about Mariner Finance?

The company allows co signers for applying for its services.

How can someone apply for loan in Mariner Finance?

It can be applied in multiple modes like online, by phone, and also by visiting one of the many local branches

Our Verdicts to conclude

This article tries to provide knowledge and information about Mariner finance in simple terms based on simple study from various sources as it could be learned and gained to this present day. Any kind of financial undertaking is a matter of thorough research and study before proceeding ahead.

An individual intending for its services should always consider a thorough check of the official website of Mariner Finance until he/she is fully informed and satisfied about the process before moving ahead with any form of applications.

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