International Driving License : Fulfill your dreams by driving anywhere in the world during Christmas and New Year holidays by getting international driving license for Rs 800

International Driving License : Are you also going abroad on Christmas and New year holidays? Do you also have a long awaited dream to drive a car abroad all by yourself?

This dream of driving a car or a bike can be easily fulfilled. You can get yourself an International Driving License. And for your information it doesn’t cost much to get it ready. By making an International Driving License it will mean that you are ready to ride a bike or drive a car in any country of the world. You can get this license at a cost of only Rs 800

International Driving License

Indian made International DL are accepted in more then 100 countries of the World. Of course International Driving License are a must in terms of requirements for travelers who visit abroad very frequently or have a home abroad or own a car abroad.

But most importantly it is also a dream of those who travel abroad occasionally on holidays with family during Christmas and New Year. You can get the benefits of it by enjoying driving your own car all by yourself and that too in a destination of your dreams.

How can you get International Driving License

International Driving License can be acquired easily. The process to apply is also same as you apply for a domestic driving license. Application can be submitted by visiting your nearby Regional Transport office (RTO) and fill in the necessary forms and submit it along with the necessary documents for supporting your application. It can also be applied online.

What are the important documents required

A number of documents are necessary so that you can get your New International Driving license. Also all the original copies of these documents will be required at the time of getting the License. The application form for applying for an International Driving License is Form 4A. This form has to be duely filled as mentioned. This form is available in RTO Websites.

For the documents :

  1. A copy of valid driving license.
  2. Valid Visa
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Passport Size photographs and
  5. Medical fitness form.

Other then that, you are also required to keep ready a copy of identity proof and age proof each.

Fees Challan to be paid at RTO

For International Driving License a nominal fee of Rs 800 has to be paid at the RTO at the time of submitting the Application and documents.

International Driving License is issued with a valid period of one year. Therefore you have to use it within its validity period.

It takes somewhere in between a week to four weeks to process and get your International Driving License in your hand.

To Conclude

If you also have a dream to have an International Driving License with which you can drive yourself abroad during Christmas and New Year Holidays then without getting late apply soon so that you can get your International DL on time before your holidays.

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