India And Its New Online Coaching Catastrophic realms

At some point of time everyone has attended coaching classes physically. But what about Online Coaching? No? Alright, so maybe this is the new normal. Like how living with restrictions as the pandemic hit us hard in 2020 was and even is the new normal.

Born out of the pandemic, so is this also a coaching epidemic? We never know, but in this matter lets leave it to be judged by the ones who are directly involved into it.

There is no question for any allegations here. But education being a very important aspect, and it involves the lives of kids and students, who are the future of the country. Thus, it becomes important to have an eye and analyse and further understand what good are some of the so called online coaching big houses mostly on platforms like You Tube doing for education in general.

Proving quality education is appreciated, but business in the name of education should be alarmed. In this field there are a few quality coaching sites, that are in fact doing a great job for students welfare. But the majority of the so called online coaching centers are truly alarming.

This is the reason as to why you are reading this article, and whether you like it or not they are building catastrophic realms and you have to recognize what is what. We are living in a world where everyone seeking online coaching are very much educated. Which means you are wise enough to know what is education in its real sense.

Let us move further ahead into this article and see what is actually going on in the newly boomed so called online coaching industry.

Does every so called best online coaching company take you to your goal?

Yes? No? You are not sure about it? Maybe you have never thought about it. Yes, the reputed ones that provide proper physical coaching classes does help in achieving your goals or at least you learn something by joining such classes. These reputed centers does provide quality knowledge even in their online coaching platforms.

This question we are talking about here was never about the reputed ones. But the point of concern is You Tube. Are you also a student taking classes from You Tube coaching centers?

You Tube Coaching Industry

This is the online Indystry we are talking about today and is a matter of concern. This industry was born out of the 2020 pandemic in India.

Since everything started getting into the online platform, so did education and the coaching. There were very limited number of channels in You Tube that were education based before the pandemic, and were genuinely fulfilling their job.

Now what we see is that every second or third channel you come across out of ten in You Tube is a coaching institute.

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Do you think there is any quality? no this is business. You need to understand the difference between an institute and a business establishment.

In these so called video classes that are also being uploaded to the You Tube platform, we see wrong comments are being passed on by the students upon those lady teachers, and they look fine about it. So what are they trying to promote here, the lady?

Whose looks and getups are of a celebrity rather that of a teacher. Nothing is alien to us. We all know what sells the most in online platforms today. Thousands here are not for learning, but for the teacher. This is alarming. There cannot education and learning without discipline.

When we enter a school the first thing that we are taught upon is discipline, respect. Isn’t it?

The purpose here is not to defame anyone. But the purpose is to make you aware as to where you should invest your money and time for a better future.

Besides this, online courses are sold everyday in You tube platform every day. Because the followers of this Channels are in millions.

What you get in these courses? Disappointment.

Bet, you are only wasting your money.

To Conclude

We do not make decisions for you. But we can definitely make you think deeply about what is right and what is wrong. Education is one of the most important aspects of life. If you make a mistake now you will regret your entire life.

Learn and use your hard earned money into many good platforms. These Online Coaching drama centers cannot make you achieve your goals in life, but your hard works can.

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