Germany vs Japan : FIFA World cup 2022 match analysis

Germany vs Japan of the group stage of the ongoing FIFA World cup 2022, which is being hosted by Qatar was on of the most anticipated or awaited match at least for the Asian soccer fans.

Germany, the four time world champions were the favourites even before the match started. This is very much evident from the team and the lineup that the German side looked the heavyweight.

As the match started, the two halves of the match, firstly 45 + 4 minutes and the second being 45 + 7 minutes was filled with excitement and the fans were kept at the edge of thier seats throughout the match.

The Germany vs Japan match was one of the most exciting match of international football that has been played for a very long time.

The starting half being almost dominated by the German side. Also the score card read 1 – 0 in favour of Germany, with the help of a foul played by the Japanese goalkeeper, which resulted in a penalty decision by the referee.

It was a great comeback by the Japanese side with the team playing to their fullest potential. Not only did the Japanese team made the equilizer goal at the second half but also took the lead soon after with exceptional football game play.

Thus in the end of the match even after the extra time of 7 minuties in the second half, the score card read 2 – 0 in favour of the Japanese side.

Germany vs Japan, The analysis – First half

As the referee blew and the match started, the Japanese team looked par to the German team in every aspect of the game. The Japanese side played fast and dominant football at least at the first few minutes of the match.

This start of the Japanese side looked promising that the fans will be able to witness an exceptional game of football.

The starting moments almost gave a hiccup to the German side, when the Japanese forward took advantage of the slight mistake of the German defense, and took the possession of that ball which was passed on to the right wing, which produced a perfect cross and the Japanese striker guided that ball to the goal.

This excitement of scoring at the early first half of the match was ended shortly as the assistant referee raised the flag and deemed it off side.

This great opportunity was on utilized by the Japanese side as the Japanese striker couldn’t hold himself behind the German line of defense as the ball was being passed on to him.

The first goal came from the German side in the form of a penalty kick. This goal could have been avoided if not of a little casual tackle to possess the ball by the Japanese goal keeper at the 33rd minute of the match. The goal was scored by Gundogan, of the German team.

The first half could have ended with another goal by the German team but the goal was ruled out and termed offside by the goal review technology.

Germany vs Japan, The analysis – Second Half

The Second half saw spectacular game by the Japanese side. They were always attacking and maintained good speed in throughout the end of the second half.

The German defense couldn’t hold on to the Japanese attack on the 75th minute of the match when a strike by R. Doan found the back of the net.

In this way the Japanese side found the much awaited equalizer much to the delight of the Japanese and Asian fans as the stadium erupted in excitement.

Since the equalizer, the speed and the tempo of the game didn’t halt for the Japanese side as they continued with their attacking game.

At the 83rd minute of the match a long pass on to the Japanese right wing was beautifully collected by T. Asano and a powerful strike at the goal which left the German goalkeeper clueless.

Germany vs Japan

In this way the winning goal came from the Japanese side and the score card read as 2 – 1 in favour of Japan. This score card remained same till the end of the match as the score was successfully defended by the Japanese defense.

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Germany vs Japan – The analysis

If we carefully analyze the stats of the entire match, then we can easily conclude that Germany is the clear winner in every aspect of the game.

With over 70 % of ball possession throughout the match and a total of over 750 man to man passes Germany showed the class which they are always known for.

Score card is just not enough to determine as to whether which team played better football. Sometimes it is just about utilizing or not utilizing the little opportunities that comes within a match. And this aspect was greatly utilized by the Japanese side.

Thus, the result of the Germany vs Japan match is what we got at the end. So credit goes absolutely to the Japanese team for being able to capitalize on opportunities and score goals and win the match over the mighty Germans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the Germany vs Japan match of the Fifa world cup 2022?

Germany vs Japan match was won by Japan 2 – 1.

Where was the Germany vs Japan match played?

The Germany vs Japan world cup group match was played at the Khalifa International Stadium.

Germany vs Japan score card

2 – 0 in favour of Japan.

How many times have Germany won the FIFA world cup?

Germany has won the FIFA World cup four (4) times.

To conclude

The Germany vs Japan match witnessed extraordinary game of football where Japan stunned Germany by a win. Even though Germany played exceptional football but the result was against them at the end of the match.

This article tries to provide the full match analysis for a football enthusiast. Also your share of opinions are welcomed through the comments.

Leaving besides the results, the match was of exceptional high quality and skill. Overall an exceptional game of football for a football fan.

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