Free Aadhar Update Online 2023

Good news for all Aadhar card holders who wants to update their details, you can now avail Free Aadhar Update Online 2023 as per the decisions of the Government Of India.

Unique Identification Authority Of India ( UIDAI ) has decided to allow residents to update documents in thier Aadhar online free of any charges.

It has to be noted that this free service is made available only for next three months, starting from 15 March 2023 to the 14th of June 2023.

If you need any assistance or query related to Aadhar, the toll free number that can be of help to you is 1947.

Free Aadhar Update Online 2023

This decision by the Unique Identification Authority Of India ( UIDAI ) will be beneficial for lakhs of citizens who can take benefit of the facility from the convenience of their home and smartphones. And all these can be done without any fees for the next three months, as per the statement from the Government Of India.

This can be done by the citizens who wish to avail the free service by simply logging into the myAadhar portal.

However if you choose to update your documents at any physical Aadhar Centre, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 50 as formulated earlier.

Currently over 1000 schemes run by the Central as well as the State governments use Aadhar as a means of identification to avail their services.


Unique Identification Authority Of India ( UIDAI ) is a statutory authority, a government department under the Government Of India which was established on 12 July 2016, within the authority of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, by the Aadhar Act 2016.

Free Aadhar Update Online 2023

The UIDAI is authorized to provide a 12 digit unique number to all citizens of India, which is known as Aadhar.

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Initially the UIDAI was set up by the Government Of India in January 2009 under the Planning Commission, via a notification in the Gazette Of India.

FAQ’s On Free Aadhar Update Online 2023

For how long can i update my Aadhar online for free?

According to UIDAI, You can update your Aadhar online for free for three months

What can i update in Aadhar online for free?

You can do any documents updates for free in Aadhar online according to the Government Of India.

Till which date Aadhar documents online update can be done for free?

According to the Government, you can update your documents online from 15 March to 14 June 2023.

To Conclude

Here we have come up with information as to how and till which date you can update the documents of your Aadhar online for free.

If you have any documents to be updated you can do it for free till 14 June 2023 by using UIDAI.

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