New Covid Omicron B.7 makes its entry into India : Are we moving back to covid lifestyle again?

A life of restrictions, yes, this is what Covid 19 gave us. Will the Covid Omicron B.7 variant bring back the lifestyle we lived with covid for almost 2 years?

The memories are still fresh of what has happened and what the situations were. All the restrictions, lockdowns, masks, hand sanitizers and also the new acquired culture of work from home. This has been the worst adversities that the people in our generation has faced.

A constant fear gripped the minds of the people of getting Covid infected. This is how the covid heights years have gone past for the whole world.

Now as India is somewhat in control with regard to Covid, with no travel restrictions nor there are any lifestyle restrictions at the moment. But India’s neighbour China is witnessing a fresh wave of covid infections gripping the country.

The situation arising due to Covid Omicron sub variant is looking alarming because according to reports there is a scenerio of over burdened hospitals and morgues and medical pharmacies.

Following the situations in its neighbour, India is on alert and taking stock of situations at every level of governance. As there is reports that cases of the new varients has already been found in travelers from abroad.

While this article is being published, the covid cases in India are in control. But now precautionary measures are being recommended already. In this situation, questions are arising whether the country will once again move to a covid lifestyle.

Covid Omicron B.7 : What is the need of the hour

The first and the foremost way to take covid is vaccination. While there had been a very positive response for the first two dozes of vaccine among the Indian population, but the precautionary or booster doze failed to get the level of reach which is necessary.

Only a low percentage of the Indian population have taken the booster doze of the Covid vaccine. Thus, this criteria should be addressed immediately before we see a covid surge in the country once again.

Along with that all covid safety measures should be brought upon once again into the lifestyle of the huge Indian population.

Social distancing and use of masks before the situation is alarming can help reduce the intensity of a covid wave.

Covid Omicron B.7 : Will India witness another covid wave like China?

There has been a surge in covid cases in China and also other countries like Japan, Brazil and United States. Now the question is whether there will be a covid wave once again of the new variant in India like China.

Even though there isn’t a situation of panic now, but slowly all precautionary measures should be followed. The wave may be as not like in china, the reasons being Indian vaccines are proved more effective that that used in China. But emphasis should be given to the booster doze at this point immediately, which is lacking behind as per records and datas.

Another reason can be a large number of people in India have been infected recently, so we never know, there may not be a surge. But these things are uncertain as you cannot tame a virus.

The sub variant of Omicron has also been In India from quite sometime now. Chances are there of acquaintance. But once again, its may be unfair to predict a virus phenomenon as we live in a world of globalization and there is free movement of people after restrictions have been lifted. A new variant can get in anytime, through numerous sources.

Covid Omicron B.7 : Are there any chances of lockdown

In the current senerio of the new variant of Covid Omicron, the situation in India is still in control. There is no situation of panic and we do not see any conditions leading to the announcement of lockdown by the Government Of India.

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Covid Omicron B.7 : What can you do? What may if done if situation arises

Using a mask can be a healthy habit, may it be for covid or maybe not. So why no adopt a healthy habit into our lives at least when you are out? It can help you from the fog and the dust and pollution that is high and bad for health in cities.

In situations of a surge in cases there are high chances that many companies will bring back the newly acquired work from home culture for its employees. In fact many top companies have permanently adopted WFH.


When did Covid 19 start?

It started in an alarming scale in the starting of the year 2022.

When was the first ever covid lockdown in India?

It happened in the month of March 2020.

What is Covid Omicron?

Covid Omicron is a variant of Covid 19.

To conclude

As of now the situation is not alarming. But India is definitely in alert. What is to be noted is “Prevention is better then cure”

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