Argentina and France Joint FIFA World Cup 2022 Winners : A football fans perspective

For a football fan it was an outstanding match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Final. Argentina deserved the Win. But France didn’t deserve to lose either. For a football fan it was the most balanced match of World Cup Football final ever in the history of the game. Won’t it be right if we say Both Argentina and France are the joint FIFA World Cup 2022 Winners?

Records were broken, history was made, fans were at the edge of their seats throughout the game. The drama, the intensity, the passion and of course the emotions. The match had it all, what a final, in its true perspective.

This analysis is on a football fans perspective. What a fan witnessed, what were the fans expectations from the game. Not forgetting Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. As you continue reading further in down in this article you will realize as to why a fan see both the teams as joint winners.


They are the new FIFA World Cup Champions 2022 officially and this feat they truly deserve it. Right from the start of the match Argentina dominated the match and were able to take a lead of 2 – 0 ahead of their opponents in the first half of the match.

They played as champions and so is the final result of the match. Lionel Messi who is playing his last world cup gave it all for the team and the nation. From the start it felt like this was his day. They day to make history, the day to lift the world champions trophy.


France showed the fighting spirit. Yes they were down from the start, but never really gave up the fight. In the second half it nearly looked like Argentina will walk away as winners 2 – 0, despite all efforts made by France.

But at the last 10 minutes of the match Kylian Mbappe did it once again for France with back to back two goals in a span of 5 minutes. The first was a penalty kick offered in favour by the referee. Now at the end of second half scores were tied 2 – 2.

In the 15 minutes halves each being played to decide a winner, both teams looks dominating and finally a breakthrough came from Argentina and took the score to 3 – 2.

Once again they fought back to equal the score to 3 – 3 again with the help of a penalty kick by Mbappe.

In the penalty shootout France lost the match. Yes, they became the runners up and not the champions but this team earned the respect of the fans through their fighting attitude in the match and also he never give up spirit.

Lionel Messi

The man, the legend. He achieved everything that a true legend footballer deserves in a lifetime. Lionel Messi, who holds the record for playing the most number of matches in the World cup history played o his potentials and reputation.

His fans are satisfied so is the entire nation of Argentina. Gave the gift ahead of Christmas to his team and his country, The FIFA World Cup Champions 2022.

This name will remain forever in the history of the game. A true legend of football.

Kylian Mbappe

Already a part of the champions side in the previous edition of the FIFA World Cup, Kylian Mbappe nearly gave his team another world cup win.

A hat trick in The Final Of The FIFA World Cup 2022, what a player he is. At the age of 23 he single handedly took the responsibility of the entire team in his shoulders. He definitely deserved to be on the winning side.

Kylian Mbappe could’t get his team to be the world champions once again but this player gained the respect and the admiration of not only French fans but also from Argentinian fans.

It won’t be wrong to say a new Legend is born is FIFA World Cup 2022. This man will definitely make history as fans will wait till his appearance in the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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Our Verdicts to Conclude

Fans got what they wanted, and we also got a new World Champion of the footballing world. But sometimes you can win even after losing. That is exactly what France got out of this FIFA World Cup 2022.

Thus it is fair on a fans perspective that both Argentina and France are the Winners and both teams have win over the hearts of their fans and garnered enough respect. And they deserve it.

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