13 Best Events In America 2023

The list of the Top 13 best events of America for the year 2023 is right here. The United States Of America and its people are known for its cheerful and vibrant spirit when its comes to events and festivals. A few of this events and festivals are celebrated and enjoyed fully as the span of the best events are extended throughout the year.

Are you in a state of dilemma as to when you should plan your tour and in which event? Here is our pick of the 13 Best Events as well as festivals In America for you to pick your tour on the event of your choice.

1. The Super Bowl Sunday ( Best Events )

This event is scheduled for the 12th of February 2023 at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Florida. In this annual event, the two top American football teams battle it out in the field and these happens in the presence of enormous fanfare and support.

In this event, apart from the game a big crowd puller is the entertainment that takes place at half time of the game. There are usually performances from top international artists.

2. The Mardi Gras ( Best Events )

This event is more of like a beautiful and vibrant carnival. It is scheduled annually and takes place in New Orleans every year. This carnival is scheduled for the 21st of February 2023. This event includes colorful and innovative parades.

In this day this carnival is more of a family friendly event with plenty of entertainment and not forgetting the good food. The experience of the ambiance of this event is worth trying.

3. The Master Golf Tournament ( Best Events )

This event takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia and is scheduled from the 3rd to the 9th of April 2023.

As it is a very popular event, tickets can be hard to grab at times.

4. The Coachella

This is one of the most loved and followed music festivals that are organized in America. This event is scheduled to take place from the 14th to 16th and also on 21st to 23rd April 2023 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

This festival is also organized annually. This years event covers two weekends.

5. The Boston Marathon

This event is the world’s oldest annual marathon. This event is scheduled to take place in the Greater Boston Area on the 17th of April 2023.

6. The Independence Day

It is celebrated throughout the country on the 4th of July as it an annual event. On this day it is a public holiday in America and a festive mood prevails in every part of the Country.

7. The Comic-Con International

This event takes place in San Diego each year. This annual event is scheduled from the 20th to the 23rd of July 2023.

In this event you will find comics, graphic comics, anime, video games etc.

8. The Lollapalooza

This is one of America’s biggest music festivals. It is scheduled from the 3rd to 6th of August 2023 at Chicago, Illinois.

If you are a fan of hard rock, heavy metal or pop then Lollapalooza is a must for you. Also there includes other entertainment activities within this event along with mouth watering food.

9. The Burning Man Festival ( Best Events )

This festival is scheduled from the 27th of August to 4th of September 2023 at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. This festival is actually prominent among people from around the Globe. It is a counter cultural event.

One interesting aspect of this festival is the gift exchange among the fellow festival goes all free of cost.

10. The US Open Tennis Championship ( Best Events )

This is a sports event that is scheduled to take place form the 28th of August to 10th of September 2023 at the USTA Billi Jean King National Tennis Center, New York.

It is a big tournament for tennis fans across the globe.

11. The Halloween ( Best Events )

This is an event that takes place throughout the country. It is scheduled on the 31st of October 2023.

12. The Thanksgiving Day ( Best Events )

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in America. It is scheduled on the 23rd of November 2023. This event is held throughout the country.

In the US this festival actually takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and earlier it had started out as a harvest event or festival.

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13. The New Year’s Eve In Times Square ( Best Events )

This extravagant event for the advent of the New Year is one of its kind and one of the best advent new year events of the world.

This event happens at Times Square, New York on the 31st of December and hence will be the same ven in the year 2023.

Facts And Questions

When is Super Bowl Sunday?

It is on the 12th of February.

When is Mardi Gras?

It is on the 21st of February.

When is Lollapalooza?

It is scheduled from the 3rd to 6th of August 2023.

When is Halloween?

It is on the 31st of October.

To Conclude

This was list of our pick of the 13 best events scheduled in America in the year 2023. Plan ahead according to the scheduled dates and be a part of your favorite event and festival of your choice.

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